About Us

Ascension’s philosophy is deeply rooted in spiritual and physical wellness. Our belief is that using plant based ingredients can help us achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Being that our products are made with raw, high quality ingredients and are intended for internal and external use, we strive to provide inner and outer beauty through an holistic approach. 

Our products are proudly free of parabens, animal by-products, sodium lauryl sulfates, fragrances, and other harsh  processed chemicals.


Ascension was founded in 2018 by Max Hemphill, who was inspired to create a wellness company after a life-changing experience in the Dominican Republic. Max contracted a parasite during his visit and tried various remedies without success until he discovered the benefits of Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.), a fossilized algae with detoxifying properties. Within three days of using D.E., Max became parasite-free, prompting him to reevaluate his lifestyle choices.

Realizing the harmful effects of chemicals and other toxins in everyday products, Max, a recent vegan, decided to create a line of plant-based and minimally processed products with D.E. as the foundation. Ascension's mission is to raise awareness about the use of organic and natural alternatives, promoting a healthier and more sustainable approach to beauty and wellness.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Ascension is committed to advocating for eco-friendly practices, using recycled materials for packaging, and inspiring others through the efficacy and benefits of natural and raw products.