How To Move Stagnant Energy In Your Body

How To Move Stagnant Energy In Your Body

The world is made of energy. Everything we see, touch, hear, smell, taste, feel and experience throughout the day has an energetic component. Just as with matter, energy can get stuck to us. If you stand near a campfire, you’ll carry the smell of the smoke home in your clothes and hair. If you walk past a shouting match in the street, you’ll carry some of the anger energy home in the form of emotional and physical tension.

Stagnant chi or energy accumulates through repetitive, restrictive thought patterns like fear, envy, jealousy, not moving your body, and allowing clutter in any space. We want to move the chi around so that this stagnant energy doesn’t cause any issues in our body or prevent us from moving forward with life.

Here are some top recommendations for daily maintenance that will help you to move stagnant, heavy energy in your body.


  1. Drink More Water: As humans we are highly influenced and affected by the movement of water, not to mention our physical bodies are 60% water. Regardless of having a multitude of health benefits, one of the best ways that we can move energy in our bodies is to drink more water. The more water you consume, the better you’ll feel.


  2. Move Your Body: If you want to see immediate results, exercising and moving your body with your favorite form or practice will help you get there. I recommend you do this every day, and be consistent - pick a time that works for you depending on the day, and stick to that schedule. You will be amazed at how differently you feel breaking a sweat and raising your heart rate every day.


  3. Take a Walk in Nature: A walk for as little as 10 minutes has incredible health benefits for your body, but it also helps you to ground and connect with the Earth. The notion of “forest bathing” can put the brain into a meditative state, allowing you to pay attention to the world around you, while creating the calmness needed for reflection. The combination of exercise, solitude, quiet and the beauty of the natural world can be incredibly calming and restorative. Take a walk in a quiet forest or a country path, notice the beauty all around you and feel the tension and stress evaporate.


  4. Shower or Salt Bath Meditation: One of the best things you can do to relieve yourself of daily energy “grime” that collects in your aura is to have a shower or salt bath at the end of your day - especially before bed. To add to this, including a mini-meditation and intention setting exercise.


  5. Crystal Meditation: If you have crystals at home, you can hold them in your hands, place them around your body or place them on your chakras and include them in your meditation practice.

    Crystals, which are created and formed in the earth, naturally possess a higher energetic vibration than humans. When we bring a crystal into our own energetic field, they abide by the law of resonance or entrainment, which means that when a high vibrational object comes in contact with a lower vibrational object, the higher vibrational object raises the vibration of the lower one, so that the two move together or vibrate in synchronicity. This is how crystal healing works. When you pair the crystals with the associated chakra, we can clear and move energy that would otherwise be stuck or heavy. It’s extremely powerful.


  6. Stretch: If you’re not able to get out and exercise regularly, you can still engage in different deep stretches to gain a similar effect to move that energy through. You can take online restorative, hatha or yin classes from home to help you if you’re not sure what to do.


  7. Listen to Moving Music: Take a break and allow yourself the ability to get lost in your favorite music. Listening to moving music allows us to bring up and face emotions that need to be processed properly, and can positively affect our moods. If the music lets you move your body, consider it an added bonus - dancing is incredibly effective for moving energy!


  8. Initiate that Conversation: Negative, low frequency energies can creep and seep down into the crevasses of our energy fields when there are vulnerable conversations that need to happen, but haven’t happened yet. With the courage to approach whomever you need to and resolve or attempt to resolve a long standing issue, you can gain a tremendous amount of perspective and healing. When people are abusive, disrespectful and demanding, our life force is quite literally drained. Our attempts to take the high road affirm to the universe our willingness to elevate our frequency and attract more loving and sincere connections.


  9. A Good Laugh or Cry: This life is no joke and being aware through its ups and downs requires resilience and a child-like attitude. Laughter lifts us to the places of light and literally breaks up lower vibrations and thought patterns. When we take ourselves too seriously we are blocking the flow of life force energy. The power of a good laugh or a good cry can be incredibly relieving and helps us process everything that we are experiencing on an emotional and mental level at an accelerated rate.


  10. High Vibe Foods: When we do our best to eat high quality, organic, fresh foods that have been cultivated with love and consideration, we bring those high frequencies into our bodies. When we eat overly-processed foods high in sugar, caffeine, or junk foods, we bring in negative and low frequencies into our bodies. Notice how you feel when you eat certain foods, how they affect your mood and your energy levels. When you start paying attention, you’ll be amazed. As you raise your frequency, you’ll no longer be interested in consuming foods that negatively counteract your vibration.


  11. Breathe: The breath is our connection to source and life-force energy. Conscious breath allows the movement of energy through our beings to be experienced intimately. Conscious breath gives stagnant energy-momentum so it can then be released for a better purpose, and recycled. There are so many exercises that you can do. Find an expert online to help you practice for free.


  12. Reiki: Reiki is an ancient Japanese holistic, light-touch, energy-based healing practice. It is a transfer of high frequency energy from the practitioner's hands to the recipient. When a practitioner provides a session, Reiki restores energy, balance and vitality by relieving the physical and emotional effects of un-released stress and gently opens up energy blockages. Reiki re-establishes a normal energy flow of life force energy, which in turn can enhance or accelerate the body's innate healing ability. The treatment focuses on balancing energy centers of the body, known as the chakras. Reiki treatments help clear the blockages away, returning the chakras back to their healthy, spinning state, and ultimately help the client feel better.

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